About Yigal Ziv

Yigal Ziv's professional choices were influenced by the idea of using the mindset to increase efficiency on shop floors, and Lemoine is still a pioneer in the area. Mr. Ziv has worked with machines for many years, and he has achieved the following things: introducing machine data gathering for data-driven machining in 2000, and shop floor programming in tool shops in 1992. conceiving and putting into use Pulse, Lemoine's ground-breaking machine monitoring technology, which has been utilized since 2000 to track both small and large machines and their activities.

Software development and enhancing commercial applications are two of Yigal Ziv's specialties. He possesses skills that many business owners in the States lack, such as the capacity to observe the world from a multicultural point of view, because he has lived in both Israel and the United States and because his company is multinational. Due to his entire job as a business owner, he also has negotiation, communication, and leadership abilities.